Bangladesh to See a Partial Solar Eclipse on March 9

A partial solar eclipse will be visible in the sky of Bangladesh on the morning of the 9th of March, 2016. In the sky of Dhaka, the eclipse will start at the sunrise (06:12 am) and the highest phase will be visible at 06:38 am local time. The eclipse will end at 07:21 am. A total eclipse will be visible from a number of Indonesian islands. Another partial solar eclipse will not be visible from Bangladesh until December 26, 2019.

A solar eclipse happens whenever the new moon passes in front of the sun, and the moon’s shadow falls on our planet, according to Shahjahan Mridha Benu, President of the Astronomy Section of Anushandhitshu Chokro. Mr. Mridha also said that safe viewing methods must be used to observe the sun. Any attempt to view the Sun directly could result in instant blindness. A solar eclipse is not safe to observe with x-ray film, film negative or sunglasses. Eclipse viewers will need a safe solar filter to view the eclipse. However, a “pinhole camera” can be used to view the eclipse – where a pinhole of a few millimeters in diameter is punched in a paper or a cardboard, and held up so the sun’s image gets projected onto a wall or a screen.

Anushandhitshu Chokro (AChokro) Science Organization has arranged a solar eclipse observation camp in Green Model town, Manda for this event. The camp activities will commence from 6:10 am and will continue until the end of the eclipse. An 8-inch Meade telescope will be available to observe this phenomenon. The observation camps will be open for all. The emphasis of the camp will be on scientific literacy. For any information regarding this event please contact: Anushandhitsu Chokro, 48/1, South Mugdapara, Dhaka-1214, Phone: 01819926160, 01680081954, e-mail:; or